Rob Stillwell Photography

Landscapes / Travel / Weddings / Portraiture / Storytelling / Animals

I have been exploring photography for the last 15 years. I found the camera allows me to capture people, places and moments as I see them in my minds eye. Whilst I lack the skills of a traditional dexterous artist, photography allows to capture and express what I see in the world around me. I've never really considered myself as an artist but through photography I have become one.

Whilst I often plan and consider my work carefully at time, generally I take a more spontaneous approach to my work, preferring to capture the moment rather than to overthink and stifle shots - hence the site name casual snapper. 

Subtlety and discretion are important elements in my style, I have been on a quest for a number of year to minimise my equipment, shooting primarily with smaller cameras and lenses reducing my impact on people and the scenes I am capturing.